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As investors scramble to find border security and infrastructure stocks that will be direct or even collateral benefactors of Donald Trump’s vow to build a wall on the southern United States border, we have been quietly building our own list of companies in house.  As a matter of fact, due the passage of the Highway Bill, we had been heavy on infrastructure plays for a while and the Trump presidential victory has only strengthened our view of the industry. Multiple sound bites have Trump putting the country’s self interests at the forefront, arguably his most important platform on many fronts.

Trump to Enhance Border Security

When the President-elect sat down with Lesley Stahl last weekend during an episode of 60 Minutes, his concession that there may be more than one option other than an outright wall to enhance border security, it was a clue that not just your conventional construction company would get government contracts to complete the job.  It was at that moment when our knowledge of a border security company that we followed in the past led us to pinpoint a few online stories discussing the use of fencing instead of brick and mortar solutions.

This morning, we put out a note to our members about this border security company and its self-proclaimed interests in the wall.  It has proven itself to be one on the most successful border security companies in the world, and if it becomes a part of the proposed security efforts the United States embarks upon, we think the company’s story could have some legs.  The stock is up over 30% since Trump’s victory, but history has shown us that momentum can build upon itself in ways that can take investors by surprise.  Don’t be one of them.  Follow our due diligence that aims to determine if Trump can reignite the company’s growth, or if it is all hype.

See our full note here.

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