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On October 25, I along with one of my special situation analysts, Siggy Eggert and GeoInvesting Contributor Joe Templin, spoke with Dr. Adrian Scott about cryptocurrencies.

In this episode, DR. Scott reviews the evolution of the cryptocurrency environment, covering not just bitcoin but some of the alternatives and ICO’s while discussing some of the caveats that too often get glossed over in the hype.

Cryptocurrency is actually a very exciting topic to me. As a microcap investor, I’ve never had a problem taking risk and applying what I have learned over the years to think outside the box.  Just like the internet transformed how we invest today, I am curious what the blockchain has in store for global economies and financial markets tomorrow. That is why I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to pick Dr. Adrian Scott’s brain.

Dr. Adrian Scott is the youngest person to ever receive a PhD in Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, which he achieved simultaneously with his MBA.  He walks the line between technology and business acumen, having been a founding investor in Napster and worked with several of the influencers on Face Book.  For the past several years Dr. Scott has focused on the cryptocurrency world (being involved directly with DASH), and in his free time he acts in Spanish language movies including Hands of Stone in 2016.  See more on Adrian here.


  1. Heiko

    Great interview! Thanks a lot.
    But please get yourself better audio equipment for the recording.
    Really hard to hear.

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