GEO Investing

In continuation of our June 2023 Geowire Monthly Newsletter, we are glad to present another installment of “Peer Stock Pitches”.

Before I launched Geoinvesting in 2007, you could say that I somewhat secluded myself to a cave searching for stocks that fit my own mold, based on a research process I trusted. Luckily, Geo and the way the internet/social media has evolved led me down a path to be able to develop some great relationships with successful investors.

You learn quickly that amazing talent exists outside your world. In fact, one of the first multibaggers at Geo came due to a 20 minute conversation I had with a Geo Subscriber in 2009. We had written a bullish opinion on a stock, but he said that we needed to be looking at the warrants, and laid out his pitch to me. Well, we relayed this message on Geo and the warrants went from about 20 cents to over $6.00 in a few weeks.