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On July 14, 2023, I had a marathon conversation with full-time investor Ryan Telford, during which we discussed quantitative investing strategies, insights into microcap and nanocap stocks, and delved deeper into other approaches to microcap investing. And by marathon, I mean it lasted over three hours. Quite frankly, we could’ve probably spoken for another two. But don’t worry, we’ve extracted a few clips from the conversation for this week that we found interesting, and hope you will as well.

I cover this concept in a video case study of RWWI below. I also cover two other multi-bagger factors that led to the RWWI impressive performance and go over the concept of what a BigCapMicro is…and why I think this kind of stock will be a big beneficiary of a multi-year microcap bull market we see forming.

Now that the carnage of 2022 has passed, it’s a great time to take a look at our contributor pitches to see which ones we want to monitor, heading into the next bull market, especially since many have pulled back hard. These impressive stats are also motivating to seek out more pitches from our investor network.

The following are the symbols we are tracking, but things can obviously change moving forward. The symbols in yellow are the stocks we are particularly interested in.

A respected GeoInvesting subscriber and research contributor just came to us with a new idea and pitched it exclusively to us this past week. This is on the heels of one his long time picks, 166% gainer $AEHR, so we were all ears.

His new pick provides remote software solutions to the energy industry to help them stay up-to-date with the maintenance of infrastructure in a timely fashion to prevent costly disaster events or production downtime. He believes the stock qualifies for our RunToOne Model Portfolio (R21) because it is nearing a major inflection point of growth and undervalued by as much as 300%.

Over the last several months, we have been in the process of making some serious changes at GeoInvesting: The look and feel of the front-facing website, The look and feel of the of the premium portal, The type of content we deliver to you, The way we show this content to you, Rethinking, and now ready to implement, the purpose and layout of the Model Portfolios.

Actually, you may have already noticed some of our changes on the front end. However, during this process, some menu items that were present on the previous site layout are missing as we work to redefine the menu structure to improve your navigational experience. For example, the prior version of our website provided the following menu: