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Two weeks ago, we commenced a comprehensive review/cleanup of GeoInvesting’s Model Portfolios, originally launched in 2016.  We began this task by first looking at the Select Longs Model Portfolio and our Reasons for Tracking (RFT) stocks.

Last week, we continued that endeavor by revisiting and reorganizing our RunToOne Model Portfolio.  

Today, we are tackling our Contributor Returns Model Portfolio, one that highlights stocks from  GeoInvesting’s Contributors’ pitches, research, articles and ideas.

An interesting stat we noticed is that 78 of the 81 stocks had risen at some point after the pitch, for a hit rate of 96.3%.

However, some even more startling stats are that 70 were actually up at least 20%, 58 at least 50%, and 8 were at least 11 baggers (1,000%).

Peter lynch once said:

 “Maybe you’re right 5 or 6 times out of 10. But if your winners go up 4- or 10- or 20-fold, it makes up for the ones where you lost 50%, 75%, or 100%.” 

So, I think papa Peter would be proud. 

Now that the carnage of 2022 has passed, it’s a great time to take a look at our contributor pitches to see which ones we want to monitor, heading into the next bull market, especially since many have pulled back hard. These impressive stats are also motivating to seek out more pitches from our investor network.

The following are the 14 symbols we are tracking, but things can obviously change moving forward. The symbols in yellow are the stocks we are particularly interested in.

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