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This week, we hosted a Management Morning Briefing Skull Session with Bryan McLaren, CEO of Zoned Properties Inc (OOTC:ZDPY), a company currently included in our Run to One (R21) Model Portfolio. This portfolio is specifically curated to identify stocks trading below $1.00 that could have the potential to increase to a price of well over $1.00 if business objectives are met.

McLaren highlighted Zoned Properties’ operating history, management team, and capital allocation strategy, emphasizing their current focus on reaching profitability and driving margin growth.

We created the following clips from our conversation with Bryan:

  1. Bryan’s goal is to meet GeoInvesting’s quality standards of a Tier One Microcap.
  2. The inflection point as a result of deploying smart capital into creative acquisition projects.
  3. ZDPY’s Zonomics relationship for mapping out potential grow and dispensary locations.
  4. What does ZDPY have to do to get to profitability?
  5. Expansion to non-cannabis verticals.

We enjoyed chatting with McLaren and are eager to see if he can deliver on his goals to get ZDPY to a point where it can start generating consistent profitability. This will ultimately determine if and when the stock can rise over $1.00.

On meeting Geo’s standards

It is truly gratifying and validating when a CEO acknowledges the value that our guiding principles bring to their company’s growth strategy. Bryan McLaren’s recognition of our Tier 1 Microcap Checklist exemplifies the impact we have on the microcap industry.

In particular, McLaren highlights the effectiveness of our Tier 1 Microcap Checklist in assessing ZDPY.


He emphasizes ZDPY’s operating history, demonstrating six years of positive cash flow, a management team with history, and a capital structure not defined by excessive dilution over the years. McLaren further emphasizes ZDPY’s current strategic focus of enhancing earnings per share and driving margin growth.

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