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To start the week, we provided a summary of our interview with medical device company Stereotaxis Inc (OOTC:STXS) to our members, adding to the research we have already provided on the name over the last 7 months. We’ve been covering the company’s transition to improving its cost structure so it can achieve consistent profitability and start to grow revenue off of its already high recurring revenue base.

We also highlighted earnings from Evans & Sutherland Computer Cor (OOTC:ESCC), a stock we have covered since 2014, that provides equipment and services to planetariums. Over the years, the company met its first challenge of shoring up its balance sheet by settling a legacy pension liability.

Now, we are waiting for ESCC to implement a strategy to expand its market, which is currently limited in size. What had fueled our optimism in the past was that billionaire Peter Kellogg owned a significant amount of shares and had continued buying. More importantly, a director of the company just bought 40,000 shares when the stock dipped on weak Q1 numbers. This is the first notable insider buying in the stock in a while.

Another name we are watching closely, extreme sports protective equipment maker Leatt Corporation (OOTC:LEAT), also reported earnings this week. We reviewed its results and explained what LEAT has to do in order to attract investor enthusiasm.

We also added that we were going to step up our efforts to attempt to interview management of Kelso Technologies Inc (NYSE:KIQ), a railroad equipment supplier, that’s up 100% this year, benefitting from multi-year positive trends in its industry.

Two other companies we have also been covering extensively, cybersecurity company Intrusion Inc (OOTC:INTZ) and industrial company $CRAWA (formerly Hickok Inc (OOTC:HICKA)), also reported strong quarters this week. We kept members abreast of our coverage on two additional recurring revenue names that we think could be substantially undervalued. Interviews with management are being coordinated.

Other stocks we have covered extensively include Mikros Systems Corp (OOTC:MKRS) (defense/software), Gse Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:GVP) (nuclear power plant services), Tss Inc (OOTC:TSSI) (data center services) and Fitlife Brands Inc (OOTC:FTLF) (nutritional supplements).

Finally, Friday we introduced a new name to our members that we are starting a “Run to One” analysis for.  Our “Run to One” model portfolio has been one of our best performing portfolios since we started it in July 2015.

Stocks in focus in this update: LEAT, STXS, ESCC, INTZ, HICKA, TSSI, MKRS, GVP, FTLF, KIQ | 6 tickers withheld

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