GEO Investing

GeoBargain on the Radar G Willi-Food Intl (NASDAQ:WILC) announced that it expects revenue growth of approximately 17% for fiscal 2013 compared to revenue in fiscal 2012, based on a preliminary assessment of the financial results.   In our 11/6/2013 email we stated:

“We first coded WILC as a GeoBargain on the Radar on 12/3/2012 at $4.95.  On 2/4/2013 we mentioned that we initiated our long position when the stock was trading at $5.35 and alerted members that we were going to add to our positions prior to fourth quarter 2012 and first quarter 2013 earnings.  WILC is up 47% since we first coded it as a GeoBargain on the Radar.  We will look to exit our remaining position as it is our belief the company’s next few quarterly comparisons could be challenging.”

Since our 11/6/2013 email, the stock has continued to increase and reached a high of $8.91, or 80% higher from our original coding.  Based off of today’s guidance, it seems that our prediction that the company’s next few quarters could be challenging may be coming to fruition, as the full year guidance implies a decline in fourth quarter revenues on a year-over-year basis.  We are removing WILC from the GeoBargain on the Radar list, but will continue to track the story.