GEO Investing

In this GeoInvesting podcast, Tyler Dupont, founder of Augury Research, talks about his own beginnings in equity investing, as well as his research journal that he’s developed as a product offered through his business. He asserts that:

“As an investor…the biggest thing I’ve learned over the 11 years I’ve been investing is that it’s a really a game about how much are you allocating to your best ideas.

And that’s really what I want people to kind of pick up on is, man, if you have a really great idea, that’s when you should bet big.

..If you come to my office, I have all these thoughts all over the place, but my portfolio is five stocks…

…I learned so much about the powers of betting big and being highly selective. That’s kind of what the journal does too. You get a bunch of different stocks to research…it helps you narrow them down to what your best opportunities are versus having too much.”

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