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stock market research toolsWhen it comes to micro cap value investing and stock market research tools in the United States, the average person has plenty of ways to succeed. Defined as the practice of investing in the stock of public companies, American companies offering micro cap equities have a market capitalization of roughly $50 million to $300 million, each. Moreover, there are over 9,000 of these publicly-traded securities in the U.S., giving you plenty of options to choose from. If you’re a new investor, however, you will likely benefit from turning to a variety of stock market research tools and stock research subscriptions to help with your decisions.

Turn to These Resources for Stock Market Research Tools

But if you need more help getting started with your stock market research, turn to these resources for the information you’ll need to find your footing.

As its name suggests, Investopedia is a free online encyclopedia about everything involved in investing, microcap investing included. Using this site, you can look up definitions of financial terms, analyze how a stock might lose or gain value over time, research potential companies and even learn some great tips about personal finances and the stock market. Whether you’re trying to look up what GPR stands for (Gross Profit Ratio, by the way; the higher a stock’s GPR, the more timely and lucrative returns can be) or learn some background information on a potential investment, Investopedia can help.

Motley Fool
The title might not inspire much confidence, but the Motley Fool is one of the best sources online for both free, do-it-yourself research and professional advice. Their articles, columns and other resources are updated hourly, and their paid recommendation services are highly recommended by many investors. If you’re looking for the best stock market research tools, you may find that Motley Fool is a better source of additional information and advice rather than your main resource.

The Wall Street Journal
This newspaper is a staple for a reason: while many people still associate it with its original print form, its online presence now includes several sites, like MarketWatch, Barron’s and SmartMoney. Each delivers helpful information and research on a daily basis, and are especially known for their company-specific news, making them a valuable resource for investing information.

What stock market research tools, resources and services do you use, or plan to use, to make good investment decisions? Share them in the comments below!