GEO Investing

Hello again from the GeoTeam! As earnings season continued, our team was busy going through press releases of U.S. stocks and gearing up for earnings releases from ChinaHybridsâ„¢ that are just around the corner.

Overall, it was a tough week for many of the GeoBargains and GeoSpecials as the previous week’s strong run was scaled back a bit. However, the GeoTeam views this as a buying opportunity and has acted accordingly.

We have begun up-scaling our efforts to inform investors of developments in the Chinese reverse mergers controversy and discussion. As always, it is our ultimate goal to purify the space of its current lack of transparency and help create a safer, more lucrative investment environment. GeoInvesting will only increase its effort to make this information more widely available to the public and force executives in the ChinaHybridâ„¢ space to shape up or ship out.

We are eagerly awaiting year end financial releases from Chinese firms that have upgraded auditors. Those that pass could see P/E multiple expansion and set the stage for a rally in select firms, starting by the end of March or the beginning of April 2011.

Update: GeoInvesting President Maj Soueidan has assembled a panel of seven individuals (with plans for a total of eleven panelists) to discuss relevant topics in the ChinaHybridâ„¢space (U.S. Listed Chinese companies) as well as to educate investors, companies, and investor relations firms on steps needed to bring legitimacy to the ChinaHybridâ„¢ universe.

Dan David, Vice President, commented:  “We have assembled this due diligence panel with the hopes that its members will help provide clarity to investors so that they can find opportunity in companies that are truly committed to playing by the rules and avoid the ones like, RINO, that are not.”

Maj Soueidan went on to say: “GeoInvesting has an ongoing commitment to the cause. Efforts include intensive due diligence performed by attorneys and investigators both in China and the U.S.  In addition, GeoInvesting has created a social forum on its website for investors and representatives alike to discuss information and view the results of our investigations in our ask Bob (GeoInvesting Attorney) forum.