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SuperCom Ltd’s (SPCB) stock rally late yesterday on speculation of a large African contract win. Shares of SPCB were strong into the close moving from  about $10.50 to about $11.50 in the last hour of trading. While it is unclear what exactly caused […]

Yesterday after the close, B. Riley initiated coverage on SuperCom Ltd. (SPCB) with a buy rating price target of $17.75. SuperCom provides traditional and digital identity solutions to government, private and public organizations worldwide. GeoInvesting continues to hold shares from a trade […]

GeoInvesting believes that SuperCom Ltd. (SPCB) shares should be going for at least $11.55 per share, and as much as $18.00 per share on realistic assumptions and a share buyback program;  for these reasons, SPCB shares are undervalued. SuperCom provides traditional and […]

If investors push shares of Supercom Ltd (SPCB) down on missed analyst estimates, GeoInvesting may look to pick up shares since 2015 guidance is bullish. The company provides traditional and digital identity solutions to government, and private and public organizations worldwide. SPCB reported […]

GeoInvesting believes RCM Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:RCMT) is working positively with its activist investors to deliver serious shareholder value. The RCMT story falls in line with one of the strategies GeoInvesting will be using to identify potential value in stocks; in particular, paying attention to when activist […]

On January 28, 2015 we issued a special situation alert on Saba Software (SABA), a company that provides cloud-based intelligent talent management solution for organizations to hire, develop, engage people worldwide and now is involved in a potential M&A. We […]