GEO Investing

In our 11/18/2013 article, “Baker Street Capital’s Big Bet: The Next Catalyst to Drive USA Truck Shares Higher” we highlighted GeoBargain $USAK as a prime acquisition candidate.  One of our reasons was the 13D/G filings by Baker Street Capital and Stone House Capital Management.  Stone House Capital filed a 13D filing after hours on 1/28/2014 increasing its stake (for the third time) in USAK to 14.7% from 14.2% in its last filing.  What investors should note, is that Stone House original ownership filing was filed as a 13G and now it has filed a 13D.  The major difference is a 13G filing signifies a passive stance by the investor, whereas an investor who elects a 13D filing may be proactive and engage in communication with the company about strategic direction.