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Yesterday, there were 5 ChinaHybrids that reported financial results. Visit our blog for more insight into these these firms, including China Integrated Energy (NASDAQ:CBEH), China Real Estate Info Co Adr (NASDAQ:CRIC), Sinotech Energy (NASDAQ:CTE), Deer Consumer Products (NASDAQ:DEER), and Tri-Tech (NASDAQ:TRIT). We are keenly interested in tracking CTE, CRIC and GeoBargain TRIT. All three came public via Initial Public Offerings.

Stay tuned for further insight from the GeoTeam and see the earnings review of all ChinaHybrids on our Blog.


“This GeoBargain came through with a great 2010 fourth quarter. EPS grew 33%, in-line with analyst estimates. We were equally impressed with the well articulated press release which implied that using equity capital is not a preferable option. We have interviewed this company in the past and actually believe them on this point!!!  The company issued an EPS guidance range of $1.35 to $1.57.  The midpoint of this guidance is in line with analyst estimates of $1.45, which could prove to be conservative if the company receives additional bank financing and/or consummates an acquisition (both appear likely). TRIT will remain on the GeoBargain list. But investors should be aware that (1) EPS growth for the 2011 first quarter may be negligible, before rapidly accelerating in the remaining three quarters and (2) Shares may face pressure due to the fact that the low end of the company’s full year 2011 guidance is less than analyst estimates.  The company will release its 10K after a 9am EST conference call Friday morning. We had hoped that the 10K would have been available before the call. We are still delving into SAIC filings that are in order except for a mismatch in liabilities.

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2011 fiscal first quarter EPS of $0.19 came in way ahead of $0.06 estimate, driven by revenues of $22.8 million vs. $25.8 million estimate. However, CTE kept full year guidance unchanged at around $93 million, up about 100% from fiscal 2010. We would have liked to see an increase in revenue guidance. Using current net margins of 50% and share count, 2011 implied EPS is $0.78. We are working to calculate prior year EPS numbers.

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CRIC reported 2010 fourth quarter EPS of $0.12, which were in line with estimates.  The comapny is guiding 2011 first quarter revenues to come in at around $40 million, exceeding analyst projections of about $31 million. The report looked good all around. How can you not track an online provider of information (real estate)? While EPS growth has not been exciting in recent quarters, the company may be about to enter an extended EPS growth cycle.  CRIC also announced share buy backs. First quarter 2011 revenues is guided to be around $40 million, exceeding analyst projections of about $31 million. The stock has been weak, likely due to negative stigma surrounding the PRC real estate market. We are placing the stock on the GeoBargain on the Radar list while we pull SAIC filings.

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