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SanaCurrents applies data points to assess how likely a company will be able to advance a drug or device, helping us to determine our decision to potentially buy the stock, which we disclose to members.

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SanaCurrents BioTech Probability Sentiment. Current limited time special offer includes: * Full SanaCurrents Access * Full GeoInvesting Portal Access * Special Report – “Gain Confidence by Investing in Recurring Revenue Stocks” * Special Report – “FDA Creating New Investment Opportunities in BioTech Stocks” For $7.99, you get a month to decide if you want to continue with the service at your discounted rate of $2499, a 40% discount off the the annual service, normally valued at $4,200! Your discounted annual payment will not be processed until your 30 day trial ends. You can easily cancel any time within your trial period. You can do this at your premium member account page.

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SanaCurrents Leaves Your BioTech Guesswork Behind

  • 3 hand selected biotech ideas per month with positive outcome Probability Sentiments
  • Brief 1 to 2 page abstract outlining each pitch
  • The “Edge” that we believe will catalyze the performance of the stock
  • Updates leading up to important company dates and events on our radar

What were some of the key approaches that led to SanaCurrents’ successful case studies?

  • Identifying the timing of binary events to determine when a stock will move.
  • Evaluating the track record of success in early trials of drug candidates.
  • Finding the management that is interested in advancing the a drug to approval – which always leads to a significant increase in stock value – instead of management that has been capitalized to fund exploratory research.
  • Determining the support of key opinion leaders for a specific drug or device.
  • Looking at past FDA actions.

SanaCurrents Finds The Opportunities

SanaCurrents does all the hard work by sifting through the hundreds of biotech, pharma, and medical device stocks.

SanaCurrents Analyzes the Opportunities

Relying on objective data points, SanaCurrents weighs multiple factors to determine the strengths and weaknesses of key therapies in development – binary events, performance of previous drug trials, past FDA actions.

SanaCurrents Processes Potential Catalysts

The data points provide the foundation for SanaCurrents’ proprietary analytics, which identify therapies and companies SanaCurrents believes are most likely to increase in value following important milestones and events.

SanaCurrents Generates a Probability Sentiment

SanaCurrents produces a probability sentiment – Superior, Pivotal or Advantageous – for success on a specific date. Only the sentiments that we feel are worth pursuing are given to you. SanaCurrents believes these sentiments will help you make a decision ahead of time and realize gains on a specific date.

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