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We are constantly on the search for stocks that fall in the face good news.   These types of overreactions are often the result of market gyrations or failure by investors to digest the full scope of a particular news event. For that reason, in 2016, we introduced our “buy on pullback” mock portfolio product to take advantage of these mispricing scenarios.

Contrarian "Buy on Pullback" Portfolio 1.0
Contrarian "Buy on Pullback" Portfolio 2.0
Pullback Portfolio 3.0
Pullback Portfolio 4.0
"Buy on Pullback" Portfolio 3.0
"Buy on Pullback" Portfolio 4.0
"Buy on Pullback" Portfolio 5.0


These guys are smart. One of a handful of services I pay for.  — Keubiko (Twitter)

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By the way, our aggregate, average return on our 2016 Calls To Action was 32% for 46 call to action alerts. We plan on matching or surpassing that in 2017.
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