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ppsi-pioneer-power-solutions-500-kva-drillingPioneer Power Solutions (PPSI) CEO Nathan Mazurek appeared on GeoInvesting Executive Casts to connect with investors on various aspects of the company.  In the segment below, Mr. Mazurek talks about natural disasters and how they specifically impact PPSI’s business.

The question posed to Nathan Makurek:

  •  In light of Hurricane Matthew, what impact do natural disasters have on your business?

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“Natural Disasters in general have a positive effect on our business; it’s unfortunately not a positive for many of the people hit by it. Katrina, Irene, Sandy in particular were both short and long term positives. [Considering the] pure devastation, things have to be rebuilt or get rebuilt. That adds more demand, meaning that you didn’t need that extra transformer or piece of gear before, but it has to be done again – so that’s just an overall demand.

In these natural disasters heightened sensitivity of many, many users to the need for more robust equipment, more robust solutions, better backup power systems, and better backup power service…it’s more than an overall demand driver; it’s a very specific demand driver for our business.

In the wake of Sandy, for instance, for a quarter that was a short term significant pickup for our business as people did emergency rebuild. Especially in the northeast there was a longer period of rebuild. Matthew is going to be a similar situation.

And then of course the sensitivity that still [exists] from Sandy where large enterprises in the northeast – its less industrial, more hospital, healthcare, senior living, even financial and office – what are they doing as far as their equipment, and what are they doing as far as their service and scrutinizing that, hopefully making good choices…it definitely helps our business very specifically.”

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