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You are here because you tuned into Planet Microcap, a podcast led by Robert Kraft. The episode you heard included an interview with Maj Soueidan, CEO and Co-founder of GeoInvesting, LLC.

GeoInvesting helps investors just like you wade through the microcap stock space.  As a bonus for tuning into the podcast, we are offering you an extra look at our investment education that has helped our members get above-average returns for over 10 years.



Below is an example of how GeoInvesting leveraged an opportunity to buy stocks at depressed prices after they were unjustly punished by the market.  We call these kinds of model portfolios “Pullback Portfolios.

They’ve produced above average returns for us over the past 2 years.  We have a multitude of other active portfolios and are always adding more when we see the same kind of opportunity.

“Buy on Pullback” Model Portfolio #2


“In a web full of pumpers and #furus these guys deliver time after time”

~ @tbirdman (Twitter)

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~ Chris G.

“I want to congratulate your team for its excellent research and helpful analysis”

~ N. Alsaadi

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~ J. Smithers

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~ Gerald C.

“First off, great site — love the depth of info you give out on my favorite sector – micro-caps”

~ Matt M.


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