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Today, Planet Microcap Podcast published its interview with Maj Soueidan, GeoInvesting Co-founder.  In the episode, discussion centered around information arbitrage, a subject that Geo often stresses as one of the most useful tools when making quick and informed decisions that can at times be lucrative to the alert investor.  Planet Microcap comments:

Maj stresses the importance of reacting to and finding public information before other market participants. In addition to learning more about “Information Arbitrage,” we also discuss his research techniques, the difference between value stocks and growth stocks, and of course, I ask for his advice for new MicroCap investors.

Please see the rest of the summary here, and the podcast can be heard below.  This is a segment full of very useful information when learning how to pinpoint and process information that the market has yet to fully digest and price into a stock’s price. Below is the full interview.

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