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PPSI LogoOn September 7, 2017, Executive Casts had a chance to sit down with Nathan Mazurek of Pioneer Power Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ:PPSI).  In light of the recent Hurricanes in Texas and Florida, Mr. Mazurek elucidated on how his clients fared.

He also opened up on how the company’s addressable market is expanding in light of new product offerings, a subject that serves as a segue into expectations for the remainder of 2017 and into 2018.

Subject matter discussed in the segments below include:

  • Hurricane Harvey Impact on PPSI
  • How Clients Fared During Hurricane Harvey
  • Hurricane Irma and How Impact Differs from Harvey / Commentary on FL & Puerto Rico
  • Strategic Goals for Remainder of 2017 & 2018
  • Latest Product Developments Increase Addressable Market Substantially
  • Quantifying the Expansion of the Addressable Market
  • Turnaround in the Switchgear Segment
  • Inflection Points/Reaffirming Guidance
  • On Resource Allocation and Operating Leverage
  • The Mindset of A Capital Allocator
  • Two Recent Developments Investors May Be Underestimating

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