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GeoInvesting had a chance to sit down with Pioneer Power Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ:PPSI) CEO Nathan Mazurek to discuss the company’s 2016 fiscal third quarter conference call as well as opportunities in the cannabis industry.  With respect to earnings, we were particularly interested in getting some clarifications regarding Mr. Mazurek’s pre-earning’s affirmation that adjusted EBITDA guidance would be between $8 million and $9.5 million and non-GAAP diluted EPS between $0.55 and $0.66 per share for 2016. We wanted to know if the guidance took into consideration the gain of $1.2 million from the tax abatement in Q4 or if it was on top of the guidance?

ppsi cannabisOpportunities in Cannabis Industry

Comments about PPSI’s initiatives to take advantage of cannabis opportunities also took the spotlight.  Mr. Mazurek explained that many of the company’s services fit the needs of the growing cannabis industry and that PPSI is being very proactive in scoping out potential clients who would likely need services like power backup.

Below, in addition to the subject matter of guidance and cannabis, you can also listen to Mr. Mazurek elaborate on value and growth drivers for PPSI, as well as how the company is communicating with investors.

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