GEO Investing

In our 11/22/2013 email we mentioned:

“…we have not been active in our Pump and Dump research over the last few weeks, however we intend to re-focus our efforts in this arena.  We were intrigued by an email from Paragon Report, a pump and dump promotional outfit who has had success in prior pumps.  Today, we received an email stating that a new play is coming in the next ten days.  Past Paragon plays include  Stevia Corp Common (OOTC:STEV) and  Echo Automotive (OOTC:ECAU), two pumps and dumps that we have successfully played both up and down. We published a short thesis report on ECAU on 1/31/2013 the stock is down  82% since then.”

Last weekend, we  received an email by the Paragon report touting  Makism 3d Corp Common (OTCCB:MDDD) ($1.07).  Notable quotes from the email:

“Makism 3D (MDDD) is in the middle of a 3D printing revolution and early shareholders stand to potentially make a killing as the company launches its flagship product line: The Wideboy Series. We encourage all members to research Makism 3D Corp. (MDDD) right now. As per usual, the early bird gets the worm and you can bet your bottom dollar that Monday morning will be a busy one!”

“We are proud to continuously bring you winner, after winner, after winner… and now Makism 3D Corp. (MDDD) is the next potential big winner.”

It seems that the Paragon report is not the only promotional outfit pumping MDDD.  We have received additional emails/mailers from a number of other pump and dump outfits all touting MDDD.

Since then, MDDD’s stock price has been volatile, losing more than half of its value on what appeared to be a dump, and then gradually climbing 50% after the company released a message to investors saying that they in no way have endorsed any promotional campaigns.  The fine print in the promo alludes to the fact that the pump is not over.  We will keep monitoring this story, as MDDD stated that starting in February they will begin to release their full line of products.