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This week, Maj Soueidan interviewed Dickerson Wright, Chairman and CEO of Nv5 Global Inc. (NASDAQ:NVEE). GeoInvesting Co-Founder Maj Soueidan has been the main guest on a featured show, “The Everyday Investor” on 740 AM in Boca Raton, FL.

Overview of Maj Soueidan Interview with NVEE CEO Dickerson Wright

1. Maj and CEO/Chairman Dickerson Wright discuss NVEE market opportunity.
2. Dickerson talks about why NVEE business has some resistance to recessions.
3. We learn that NVEE organic growth rate is above competitors.
4. NV5’s most recent acquisition is discussed.
5. Maj asks why analysts have not baked acquisition into estimates.
6. Insight into how the passage of the highway bill will create opportunity.

Fast forward to 3:35 for the beginning of the interview

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