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A Stock That Could Be A Lifetime Holding

Our current price point for a GeoInvesting premium subscription clearly undervalues all the work we do for our premium subs, especially when other inferior competitors sell annual subscription for $2000 to $5000, or at least 4 times over our annual plan. And better yet, this offer is non-recurring, so you don’t have to worry about getting charged again in one year.

What you are getting…

  • Our deep dive research reveals this healthy lifestyle company is about to reach a growth inflection point, which is also getting a long-term growth tailwind from COVID-19.

  • Insight into one of the last leading brands in the healthy lifestyle category that is tradable that we believe has the potential to achieve long term gains like Nutrisystem Inc (acquired), Medifast Inc (NYSE:MED), Celsius Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:CELH) or Monster Beverage Corporation (NASDAQ:MNST), all in the thousands of percent in gains.

  • All our research on this company, along with our initial report.
  • A chance to take advantage of a stock before it becomes a mega-bagger (1000’s of percent in gains)

  • Timely stock pick alerts, all of our model portfolios, and research on our entire catalog of microcap stock coverage, spanning 14 years.

40% percent of the available seats for this offer are gone, so you still have a chance to hop in.

On the Fence? Well, from January 2020 to June 2021, out of our last 30 picks (as of 6/21/2021), our average return per pick is 84.78%. And just in case you thought that one pick skewed this result:

  • 23 of those picks had positive gains
  • 20 were up more than 20%
  • 15 were up more than 50%
  • 15 peaked at greater than 100%, with 7 still in the >100% range

So, the above stats should put that theory to bed.


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Calls To Action

Calls to Actions include alerts on the stocks our team is buying and selling. You can choose to follow these moves to build your own portfolios or buy stocks at your convenience. About 1 CTA per week, so we don’t flood you with too much to think about.

Model Portfolios

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Model Portfolios

Model portfolios focus on specific proven strategies to outperform the market. These custom portfolios are perfect for every level of experience and vary in strategy to appeal to different types of investors. Our “Buy on Pullback” Portfolios have consistently beat the market.

Premium Research

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Premium Research

GeoInvesting provides institutional-grade research that’s affordable to the everyday investor. Unlike Wall Street investment banks, we don’t get paid by companies to talk about them. The GeoTeam’s research has powered over 11 years of investing success.


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We’re on a constant, daily search to improve our research methods and learn more about all things related to the stock market. Improve your stock picking skills and portfolio management from learning how we find winning management teams and avoid risky stocks.

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