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In this weekly wrap up, we are highlighting two podcast episodes I conducted in the past week or so.

The first is with Geoinvesting research contributor and cryptocurrency expert, Noah Goldberg (@tradernoah), who goes over why Dogecoin (DOGE) pumped.

You can see the conversation I had with Noah here.

The second is a conversation I had with Tim Weintraut (@VegasTrader66), founder of

Tim goes over his investment style that combines fundamentals, management interviews and technical analysis. During the conversation he admits that lately he has been more heavily focusing on research and less on the promotion of his service, something that we wholeheartedly agree with as far as the approach to an investment service should go. Afterall, comprehensive research in itself can be a full time proposition.

I and Tim engage in an anecdotal exchange, ultimately talking about jewelry manufacturer Charles & Colvard Ltd. (NASDAQ:CTHR) and how Tim put the company back on our research pipeline, after a previous experience with the company left us dissatisfied. Tim was a big reason that we recently added the stock to our long disclosure model portfolio on May 4, 2021 at a price of $3.66. It now trades at $2.68, 27% under our entry price. However, we talk about what investors are missing.

Tim also pitches one of his favorite ideas, Livexlive Media, Inc. Common St (NASDAQ:LIVX), a  leading global all-in-one streaming artist-first platform delivering premium music and entertainment content and live-streams. The conversations on LIVX and CTHR both contain a little Information Arbitrage.

When Tim talks about his research process, he gives us a pretty useful nugget of info with respect to the way he stays on top of company news. It’s common sense, but we’d venture to say the majority of investors probably don’t do this:

“…actually what I do is, I’ll go through and, you know, identify those opportunities.  So if I come across a company, that maybe for whatever reason has a catalyst coming up, the first thing I do is look at the chart. If the chart looks horrendous, then that may be the end of my looking into the company.

If there is somewhat of a compelling setup, a potential long term trend reversal, or just a good looking chart, maybe stair stepping up, then the very next thing I do is go to the website and start looking at the fundamentals for the company. And I will then look to see if they have an investor alert service? Because in this day and age, any company that doesn’t have an email alert service is terrible, right?

If I’m going to be an investor, not only for [their] current shareholders, but for anybody that’s interested in the company, I should be able to sign up. And when [they] put out a press release, or you put out an SEC filing, I get it the same time it goes out to the press.

And anybody that has any investment in any company should have that. I mean, if you have your money parked in a company somewhere, then you should sign up for their email alerts because I cannot tell you how many times that has either saved me money, or made me money. Because if it’s a press release that is significant, market moving for whatever reason, positive or negative, it gives me an opportunity to react…”

Watch the full podcast episode here.

~Maj Soueidan

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