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  • After evaluating Data Communications Management (OTC:DCMDF) for potential inclusion as a Monthly Open Forum focus stock, following its price pullback,a reevaluation of its risk-reward profile leads us to pause its selection.
  • With DCMDF on hold, our attention shifts to 6 other stocks that could meet our high standards for inclusion in the focus stock lineup.
  • Upcoming fireside chat with California Nanotechnologies Cor (OOTC:CANOF) (TSXV.CNO) CEO on July 11th could be a decision-prompting key event for us as the company approaches profitability.
  • Lakeland Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:LAKE) continues to enhance its financial momentum through the acquisition of LHD Fire, expected to boost recurring revenue and improve overall business predictability.
  • The emerging consumer awareness around the benefits of coconut water, boosted by the current controversies in the “chemically induced” energy drink sector, positions Equator Beverage Co (OTCQB:MOJO) well in the beverage industry. Move over Monster Beverage Corporation (NASDAQ:MNST) Celsius Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:CELH) and Prime Hydration.
  • After site visit, monitoring TSSI’s progress as it aims to scale its rack integration business. First look at earnings potential and what it means for stock price trajectory.
  • Following a site visit and meeting with Tx Rail Prods Inc (OOTC:TXRP) CEO in Kentucky and company’s recent strong financial results, we’re evaluating the company’s role as a key supplier of rail products for the coal mining industry.

This past week, I was pleased to see our team worked hard to ensure that our July 2024 Monthly Open Forum kicked off right at the start of July. We’re committed to maintaining this schedule for future Monthly Forums, focused on bringing you the previous month’s highlights early, before rolling too deep into the next each month. This timing helps our team focus on delivering more value-added research throughout the month rather than preparing for the forum.

I’m also thrilled to see an increase in attendance at our monthly forums from GeoInvesting members. It’s rewarding to see our efforts embraced by the community, and I hope this fosters more interaction and growth among us.

New Focus Stock Plan Gets Put On Pause

During the July 2024 forum, a key highlight was our discussion about potentially selecting Data Communications Management (OTC:DCMDF), $DCM.TO as our fourth ‘focus stock’ of the month.

The stock had recently seen a sharp pullback after it reported its first quarter 2024 results, missing analyst revenue estimates by about ten million dollars. However, this revenue shortfall is expected to be deferred to future quarters this year. So, DCM could have potentially aligned with our strategy of buying on pullbacks—capitalizing on temporary dips caused by investor overreactions, rather than investors paying attention to the long-term outlook of the underlying business, the concept which drives the construction of our Buy on Pull back (BOP) Portfolios. Speaking of which, BOP #11 ended the week with a return of 35.80%.

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