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sltc multibaggerGeoInvesting believes it has found a SaaS company that fits right into a key software business theme that we look for; companies transitioning from a lumpy revenue licensing model to a more predictable and scalable SaaS model. A SaaS model is a more affordable model for customers, as they pay monthly subscription fees rather than large lump sum payments for perpetual licenses. The lower initial cost helps smaller companies like this one grow market share by allowing them to compete for and win new customers.

Multibagger in the Making?

  • We think this company could rise about 2.5x its current share price, a potential multibagger.
  • We believe this remnant from the dotcom boom era has survived, found new direction and is on the threshold of sustained revenue growth and profitability.
  • The company has transitioned from selling perpetual software licenses to a SaaS model that appears to be gaining traction.
  • Two pivotal acquisitions, one completed and the other pending, augment product features, nearly triple the number of customers and provide cross-selling opportunities.
  • The company’s largest shareholder, as well as directors and officers are voting on the future of the company with their wallets.

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