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Dr. Lisa Crossley of Moseda Technologies was once again interviewed in a Brayden Sutton produced episode in which she offered her perspectives on refining Moseda’s strategic direction for the next year and beyond, and to also answer some basic questions on the CareKit Acquisition as well as new and existing initiatives that will contribute to recurring revenue streams for the company.

CareKit – Serving a Niche in the Community Care Space

On February 9, 2016, Moseda announced the acquisition of CareKit Health Corporation, “a commercial stage healthcare technology company that has built a comprehensive hardware and software platform that allows complex patients to receive high quality care in the home.”

Referencing community care, a more than $43 billion market, Dr. Crossley elaborated on how CareKit will allow patients to be cared for in the home, rapidly reducing costs incurred for  high-level type health care.  She explains that patients can get Intensive Care Unit level monitoring.  She continues,

“What CareKit does is it allows patients to be cared for in the home with the use of technology so that you radically reduce the cost but actually  significantly increase the quality of care that they’re receiving in the community”

With features like voice interaction, the patient can get guidance on what they need to do, as well as request reminders that in essence take away the human error element. Dr. Crossley basically calls it “technological hand holding.”

Dr. Lisa Crossley Fully Intends for Moseda to Eclipse $3 Million Dollars in Revenue for 2016

Dr. Crossley is optimistic that Moseda will be able to leverage existing and new recurring customers to drive revenues through to 2017.

“Over the coming weeks there will be press releases with more details…partly due to the CareKit acquisition and partly through Moseda’s existing pipeline, we expect to be cashflow positive…as I said I’ll be disappointed if we have less than $3 million in revenue by the end of the year, and that would definitely be at the bottom of an upswing…”

Below, hear more about what Dr. Crossley has to say about Moseda and the company’s prospects, as well as some information on two new strategic hires whose aim will be to help ramp up the growth of the company.

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