mikros systems corp logoThis page is dedicated to highlighting some of the more notable Mikros Systems Corp. (OTCQB:MKRS) Executive Casts episodes. It will be updated regularly as we continue to conduct more interviews so that MKRS can connect with you, beyond the stock price.

Mikros Systems Executives

Tom Meaney has been a Director of the Company since July 1986. Prior to Mikros, Tom was Senior Vice President and Director of Robotic Vision Systems Incorporated (“RVSI”).  RVSI manufacturers robotic vision systems.  Prior to this, he was Vice President, International Business Development, for Norden Systems and President of Norden Systems Canada, both divisions of United Technologies Corporation and developers of computer and electronic products and systems. Tom has led numerous research and development efforts in the areas of Radar and Radio Frequency Engineering, and has a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering.

Henry Silcock  has been Chief Technology Officer of Mikros Systems since 2009, and has over 30 years’ experience in electronic system design, hardware and software development. He has managed many development programs, including advanced maintenance systems for defense applications, simulation tools for EMC analysis of tactical data links, and shipboard wireless network design. Henry has been lead engineer on a number of successful R&D programs, including frequency-diversity modems for tactical radio networks, telemetry networks for ocean-going buoys, and digital voice pager design and development. He also has experience in network and system simulation, software and microprocessor architecture, custom VLSI development, DSP and real-time systems, and as CTO of an Internet startup. Henry has a B.A. in Mathematics from Cambridge University, where he was a Munro Scholar, and an M.S. in Computer Science from SUNY Albany, NY.

Chuck Bristow has been with Mikros since 2003. He leads a diverse team of systems engineers and information technology engineering professionals. Prior to Mikros, Chuck worked as the Director of Network Engineering for Clariti Telecommunications International.  He was responsible for wireless network development and implementation, software engineering, corporate telecommunication, and IT. Prior to Clariti, Chuck spent 13 years with Magnavox/General Atronics Corporation, a manufacturer of military communications equipment.  At Clariti, he worked in hardware engineering, integration, and design for state-of-the-art military radio communications equipment.  Chuck has a BS in Technology Management.