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Yesterday, we published a video in the form of a Question and Answer that I put together in response to some premium member inquiries and feedback, where I covered several topics. In our email alerting you to the post we indicated that we are considering doing this as an ongoing exercise to help everyone that might be wondering the same things and will eventually build a library of frequently asked questions, answering them via video for easy reference when an illustration is required.

I wanted to take a moment to briefly discuss one topic from the Q&A. First, it was nice to see Anil, a premium member, give us his perspective on a medical device company servicing the migraine headache market. Anil’s work in the healthcare field allowed him to point some caveats we should consider when looking at electrocore, Inc. (NASDAQ:ECOR). He posted his comments in a research note you can see here and you can also listen to me talk about it at the 20:14 mark in the Video.

Anil’s look into ECOR is an example of exactly what Peter Lynch refers to in his book, One Up On Wall Street, where he stresses that we can acquire an investing edge by using the expertise we gain from our profession, parenting and overall experiences in our daily lives.

I also chatted with Anil over the weekend, only to learn that he also used this Lynch type process when he bought Aspen Group Inc. (NASDAQ:ASPU), an online school platform specializing in healthcare, which became a  multi-bagger for him! So, I really encourage you to pay attention to your daily routines, and maybe you will stumble upon your own ASPU and share it with all of us (pretty please)!

Speaking of research comments and in response to the live webcast we conducted with the CEO of Viq Solutions Inc (OOTC:VQSLF), Arin, a new member, posted some questions under the RFT we posted on March 2, 2020. We made sure to send those questions directly to management. Their response can also be found under the RFT.

Have a great week!

~Maj Soueidan, Co-founder GeoInvesting

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