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maj-leftHello, my name is Maj Soueidan, Co-Founder of GeoInvesting, widely regarded as leaders for our research on microcap stocks, protecting investors from “pump and dump” schemes and conducting on the ground due diligence on the China firms that trade in the U.S. or abroad. We have been on a mission to protect investors from fraud and educate investors on winning equity strategies since inception in 2007. Our bullish focus centers around three major themes.

  • Growth + Value
  • Information Arbitrge (finding hidden clues)
  • Looking for inflection points that indicate that changing growth cycles or improving risk profiles are around the corner.

At the forefront to increase awareness on the potential of investing in micro-cap companies, we continue to identify companies that can give investors out sized returns, without the hype. You can See more about my mission here…

Maj Soueidan Idea Flow

I highlight some of my strategies and research on this blog.  I routinely attend and speak at various Microcap events and occasionally host “The Everyday Investor” on Money Talk Radio in Boca Raton, FL, reaching millions of listeners across the U.S.

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Contact Us

P.O. Box 536 Skippack, PA 19474


About GeoInvesting

maj-equity-strategies imgGeoInvesting is a research boutique which specializes in microcap stock research and portfolio protection investigations for its members. Co-founders Maj Soueidan and Dan David find money-making opportunities that others flat out miss. In a nutshell:

** We share our ideas in hopes that others can profit alongside our team.

** We clarify the dynamics of the micro-cap space to show you that big investments can come in small packages.

** We provide education on how to do conduct real research, leading by example.

** Our expertise gives us, and therefore you, an advantage over the everyday investor.

Go here to get a FREE weeks’ worth of pro research.  See you soon!