GEO Investing

Ld Holdings (PINK:LDHL) – After well over a year of no trading volume LDHL shares rose $0.04 to $0.06 on 24,000 shares. We could not find any press releases to account for the news. However, we were able to locate information in a couple of filings that could make this an ideal pump candidate. First, the company has outlined a new business strategy on page 5 of its 2011 10K that implies the company will grow to be a $420 million company in 5 years. Second, an April 19, 2012 8K implied that the company is about to embark on an investor relations campaign. Third, this same 8K disclosed that company just inked a consulting agreement with Financial Wellness, LLC. to assist the company in the development and implementation of its business plan. The consulting fee structure is highly dependent on near term stock performance.”