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We read 10K’s so you don’t have to.

Reading one the other day we found a manufacturer that appears to be getting closer to resolving regulatory issues hanging over them and causing doubt.

Then in an interview the COO casually mentioned a deal with a multi-billion dollar multinational company.

How much would this information be worth to you?

Well, if you were to think about it, the worth is many times the cost of finding out that information. Please Click here now to become a GeoInvesting member and find out.  Imagine the value of our research in your hands.

The beauty of what we just came across is that the information is public.  But because the information is hidden in inconvenient places we don’t think most investors have found this information. We call this information Arbitrage (InfoArb). Imagine that? Being able to trade on Public Information that no one else has found yet.

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Amazon is eating the world.


  1. Maj Soueidan

    Maj Soueidan


    I too am curious why the company has not discussed this info in an 8K or release. I would have thought that management would have brought it up in the latest earnings release.

    This is an example of why I love microcaps. And even when the info is widely distributed, investors still ignore it!!!


  2. William Xion

    William Xion

    Hey Maj. Nice Find!

    I was just curious though. Shouldn’t they be required to file an 8K for something like this? It feels like microcaps sometimes are given much more leeway when it comes to filings.

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