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We’ve carved out a niche in one of the most difficult and time-intensive areas of investment research…on-the-ground due diligence and forensic equity research. Featured in every major online news outlet, Geo is a recognized influencer in the in-depth due diligence arena, most notable in its coverage of U.S. listed China-based companies. Much of our coverage presents opportunities to take advantage of an arbitrage that gives our members a chance to act on compelling information we lay out in detail. In-depth articles updates are archived on the premium portal under the Reports menu section.

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The evolution of GeoInvesting (“Geo”) is nothing short of fascinating. Operating mostly as a long-biased investment research boutique using fundamental methods to assign valuations to stocks, Geo broadened its strategy to include investigatory methods when vetting investments, leading to short-biased coverage of U.S. listed China-based companies, supported with in-depth analysis and on-the-ground due diligence.

On the Long Side

Geo’s coverage of microcaps and smallcaps has uncovered myriad long investment opportunities for investors focused on smaller capitalized companies.  Hundreds of articles and research columns are testament to the ongoing effort to find undervalued companies flying under the radar. In 2007/2008, Geo even covered the long side of the China-based company space, which was budding into one that saw investors flock to high growth companies with shares listed on U.S. exchanges, resulting in exponential returns for those lucky enough to ride the wave.

On the Short Side

While Geo maintained its roots in long U.S. investments, its coverage of some companies operating in China became increasingly bearish in 2010/2011 upon the discovery of accounting fraud and operational misrepresentations, an irony that eventually put Geo squarely in the middle of an activist movement to clean up the U.S. Listed China based space.

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