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By now, you are probably aware of the devastation that Hurricane Harvey levied on both Texas and Louisiana. Did you also know that another powerful storm is also poised to hit the Carolinas? Thoughts and prayers go out to those in the storms’ paths from everyone on the GeoInvesting Team.

Reach Out A Helping Hand

America is a country that has always rebuilt from disaster, whether it was Hurricane Andrew, 9/11, or events in between.  American resilience is legendary, as is our ability to tap into our inherent nature as a people to help our neighbors and be better than we were before.

One thing we ask: if you can help those affected by the storms please do so.  One easy way to help those affect by HurricaneHarvey is by donating blood, as the blood supply is critically low in the summer and the needs of local hospitals are compounded by the flooding.  The American Red Cross website will help you schedule a blood or monetary donation to help those in need.

American Companies Stand Ready To Help Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Luckily, America is full of companies, large and small, that stand ready to come to the rescue in these times of peril.  The efforts pertaining to Hurricane Harvey are no exception.

In 2016, we created a list of firms that are rebuilding the infrastructure of the U.S, many of which we have been recently keeping an eye on due to the annual cyclical nature of the hurricane season. We have pored through this list and carved out companies that do a lot a business in Texas that we think will be active in the rebuilding process.  Most of these companies already have had good growth prospects due to their fundamentals. Additionally, because of their smaller capitalizations, they do not have the attention from CNN and other major outlets that larger organizations enjoy, such as Lowe’s Companies Inc. (NYSE:LOW) and Home Depot Inc. (NYSE:HD).

We expect that over the next several weeks to months after Hurricane Harvey, these companies will help rebuild Houston and other devastated areas throughout the Gulf region.  We also expect that, over time, investors will expect these companies to get involved with the rebuilding effort.

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  1. keith butler

    keith butler

    any thoughts on ORN? based in Houston and does lots of civil marine work. dredging, etc. somewhat similar to STRL $8 book. I’ve tried calling but no answer… after all they are at ground zero.

    1. Maj Soueidan

      Maj Soueidan

      Hey, ORN is pretty interesting. I have watched it for a bit and noticed that management has been missing the mark. But, it looks like project delays might be the culprit. If things come together, I could envision the stock moving close to $10.00 in a year or so. Although, the hurricane could accelerate that timeline. I will put the stock on my call list.

      Thanks for the tip,


      1. Maj Soueidan

        Maj Soueidan

        Took a look at 2018 estimates. Value does not look great on the projected EPS of $0.30, assuming they even execute on that. But, management has been crying wolf for a while, as far as maintaining consistent profitability goes. Maj

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