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We can all get a bit busy during the week. For all new members that hopped into GeoInvesting in the past recently, our weekly Wrap Ups are intended to give a bird’s eye view of the prior week’s coverage of stocks in our universe. Of course, you can click through any of the links to get more color on the topics and subject matter at hand.

Since we thought that Maj’s discussion with Richard Howe of Stock Spinoff Investing ( was great content to sink your teeth into, especially as it delved into a niche of investing that is rarely spoken about, we identified a several time stamps honing in on some key points.

  1. Rich’s journey to becoming a full-time investor – view
  2. What is a spinoff? – view
  3. Spinoffs offer lucrative returns – view
  4. Rich’s investment strategies – view
  5. Rich on portfolio management – view
  6. Do spinoffs become acquisition targets? – view
  7. Maj and Rich talk SPACs – view
  8. Tracking spinoffs via SEC filings – view
  9. Case Study: Rich digs into how a spinoff scenario opened the door to a special situation opportunity – view
  10. Rich shares war stories of spinoffs gone bad – view

See you tmorrow!

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