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Since we began accepting pitches in 2014, to date, 68% of the stock pitches made by GeoInvesting research contributors have amassed positive returns. To put that in perspective, using baseball as an example, a batting average of 300% is looked at as being superior. And, Peter Lynch stated that: 

“In this business, if you’re good, you’re right six times out of ten.”

So, it looks like we are setting the bar high.

The average annual return of all stock picks over this time period has been 153.43%. Excluding medical device company, Semler Scientific Inc (OTC:SMLR), a member stock pick that turned into a 58 bagger, the average annual return is still a very healthy 30.69% compared to a 10-yr 13% average on the S&P.

It took us 7 years to start inviting investors to contribute actionable research and stock picking ideas to our premium membership community. While we had always intended to make this move, our primary goal when we launched GEO in 2007 was to first prove to Wall Street that our team could deliver premium microcap research and stock picks. If we earned that trust, we knew that we would attract serious investors to connect with our vision and the results would speak for themselves. 

Now, I’m happy to see that one of our newest members, Robert Mulcahy, accepted our invitation to prepare a PodClip on Biotricity Inc (OTC:BTCY). You can listen to that here.

The company focuses on delivery of remote monitoring solutions to medical, healthcare, and consumer markets.

We published some preliminary research on the company in December 2017. 

On June 13, 2021, we let you know that the company was on our radar again since it had begun generating revenue and that growth is projected to be robust, buoyed by recurring revenue streams. While the stock is selling at lofty valuations and as Robert points out, will need to raise $15 million, we want to interview management to see if the long term growth opportunity may justify its valuation. Remember that medical device companies that are able to establish moats that can carry insane valuation multiples. And that’s one thing we want to dig into: how are their remote monitoring solutions different from competing companies?  If you’re new to GEO I’d like to point out that our team has been exceptional at flushing out great medical device stories. So far, since February of 2011, of the 10 medical device companies we covered extensively for our members, 9 of them were multi-baggers at their peaks, and 8 of them still are. On top of that, 1 got acquired.

We are not saying that BTCY will make it that far just yet, but we are certainly going to dig into the story a bit more and keep you abreast of our research process at the very early stages of our due diligence.

Have a great week

~Maj Soueidan

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