GEO Investing

Longwei Petroleum (LPH) published two 10-minute video clips today in an effort to refute our video evidence of little or no activity at LPH’s Taiyuan plant. It has been eight days now since we first released our report and this is the first substantive, albeit fabricated response LPH could come up with. Given the long delay in publishing them, we conclude that LPH filmed these video clips sometime after we published our report (on January 3), taking a failed page from Sino Clean Energy’s playbook against Geoinvesting and Alfred Little in 2011. SCEI was still delisted.

For your review we have uploaded our footage overlapping the time LPH claims they made their videos. What took LPH 8 days to fabricate only took us only a few hours to upload. As you will see our cameras pick up a good deal of traffic passing by the facility but no trucks ever entering or exiting the facility to fuel, refuting LPH’s fake videos that show tanker trucks entering and exiting the facility (on the right side of their videos). The trucks in the LPH videos were around long enough for our cameras to have picked up the lights and fueling activity.

Furthermore, note the almost total blackness behind the retail gas station in our videos. As you can see by the bright headlights on the passing vehicles and the lights in the ceiling of the retail gas station, our cameras would easily detect the light from tanker truck headlights fueling, weighing and circling around behind the retail gas station.

LPH today took another failed attempt to perpetuate, rather than to admit to its fraud.