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Dan David is VP and Co-Founder of GeoInvesting, widely regarded as leaders in both the China due diligence and in the U.S. micro-cap equity spaces. Over the last seven years, GeoInvesting has identified forty companies that have been acquired at profitable premiums, provided in-depth research on twelve U.S. listed China based companies that were subsequently halted or delisted , has a near 100% track recordof exposing promoted “pump and dump” campaigns that led to successful short opportunities, and has had 75% of its top picks rise by more than 50%.  GeoInvesting has been a consistent contributor of on-the-ground due diligence for several mainstream short seller campaigns extensively covered by the media.  Geo is also well-known for helping to protect the portfolios of both retail and institutional investors.

  • Dan has been quoted as a China stock expert in various publications over 100 times
  • Dan has lobbied congress for change in how the U.S. works with Chinese equities.
  • GeoInvesting has received over 100K article page views in the last 12 months
  • David runs GeoInvesting’s team, which employs a team including analysts, CFAs, PRC attorneys, and investigators.

Dan’s Latest Potentially Lucrative Opportunities

As many know, we at GeoInvesting have been following U.S. Listed China-Based Companies that we feel are worth watching for arbitrage opportunities. In this article, we identify companies that have both entered into definitive and non-binding agreements to go private.

For companies that have entered into definitive agreements, we feel confident that these transactions will eventually take place and that the parity between current price and premium price will result in a profitable arbitrage opportunity. For companies that are still at the non-binding stage, which represents a more lucrative yet risk laden opportunity, we’ve provided our reasoning for believing that these transactions have a fair chance of finalizing.  Click the chart to see more!

Chinese Company Arb

GeoInvesting has a history of identifying great take-over candidates.  In fact, over 40 picks have been taken over for attractive premiums over the previous day’s closing price.  Combine this with Dan’s invaluable knowledge of the China-based space, and you have  recipe for success.

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