GEO Investing

After nearly 9 months of being halted, FU shares will be delisted! Shares have been halted since 11/22/2013.  Recall,  the GeoTeam that  exposed FAB’s undisclosed bond offering  through  the publication of  two articles and  that  Alfred Little Group articles exposed wide ranging misrepresentations in the FU story.   Please, see King Wood diligence findings that highlight serious operational issues.

Shares will trade under the symbol FABU  on the  grey markets.   We will look to add to our short position if the stock does not open below $1.00.

Recall that LIWA recently opened on greys over $1.00 after it was un-halted and gradually traded below $1 as the trading  day progressed. This  opportunity  arises from brokerage firms  not allowing  clients to trade the greys  electronically.