Dan David GeoInvestingDan David is VP and Co-Founder of GeoInvesting, widely regarded as leaders in both the China due diligence and in the U.S. micro-cap equity spaces. Over the last seven years, GeoInvesting has identified forty companies that have been acquired at premiums, twelve halted or delisted U.S. listed China based companies, and a near 100% successful list of promoted “pump and dump” campaigns that led to successful short opportunities. GeoInvesting has been the main contributor of on the ground due diligence for several mainstream short seller campaigns extensively covered by the media in the last seven years.

  • Dan has been quoted as a China stock expert in various publications over 100 times
  • Dan has lobbied congress for change in how the U.S. works with Chinese equities.
  • GeoInvesting has received over 100K article page views in the last 12 months
  • David runs GeoInvesting’s team, which employs a team including analysts, CFAs, PRC attorneys, and investigators.

Dan David: In a League of his Own

“Dan David was a one-time jewelry executive who didn’t know a word of Mandarin. Yet he helped unmask several frauds among the dozens of U.S.-listed China stocks that have burned investors in the last couple of years and has raised allegations against others. When the Securities and Exchange Commission filed civil-fraud charges in February against the chairman of China’s Puda Coal, its complaint cited a report that the 43-year-old David had put out at GeoInvesting, a financial-information Website focused on small-cap stocks and based in Skippack, PA. Why weren’t investment bankers and other Wall Street pros able to do what he did? Why didn’t they listen to his warnings? And how are investors now endangered by efforts in China to shut off information sources for researchers like David?”

— Barron’s