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Corruption is prevalent in the Chinese space and China Mobile Games (NASDAQ:CMGE) just gave investors another reason to be skeptical.

Last week, the company announced it will sell 2,500,000 shares to two private equity firms for $10 a share. One of the funds, Zennon Capital Partners, is located in the Cayman Islands while the other, New World Strategic Investment, is based out of Hong Kong.

At $10 a share, this represents a whopping 34 percent discount to what shares were trading at when the announcement was made.

CEO Ken Jian Xiao commented, “We believe that the relationships and experience of these two investors, particularly in the TMT sector, will benefit us in our future business development activities and in identifying potential financial and strategic partners.”

Dan David of GeoInvesting, a firm renowned for its research and experience analyzing Chinese companies brought this to Benzinga’s attention in an email. Dan commented on the transaction, saying: “These are the bullshit shenanigans we have come to expect from China based companies.”

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