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This weekend, we published the second installment of the ongoing 2020 video summary series that Maj is recording in 4 to 5 stock segments. The segments serve to give updates on each of over 40 stocks currently residing in our model portfolios.  After having received a little feedback from members, we made sure to do our best to make the presentation more visible by zooming in to the specific sections of each Power Point page (for the sake of mobile viewing). However, desktop viewing still offers the best experience. Any other feedback is welcome. Part 2 covers Origin Agritech Limited (NASDAQ:SEED), Heritage Global Inc. (OOTC:HGBL), Tss Inc (OOTC:TSSI), Retractable Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:RVP) and Eastern Company (the) (NASDAQ:EML).Once again, some potential valuation targets are discussed, another thing members have been asking for.

You can view Part 2 here.

We’d also like to welcome Noah Goldberg to our research team. He’ll be with us for a while, helping us to piece together and galvanize our theses and thoughts on stocks in our research pipeline. But first, he wanted to share his well-structured pitch on Gaia, Inc. (NASDAQ:GAIA), a video streaming service and community that provides curated conscious media in four primary channels – Seeking Truth, Transformation, Yoga and Alternative Healing – to its subscribers in 185 countries.

You can read Noah’s column here.

Noah has a bachelor’s in finance from Indiana University. Prior to joining our team, Noah was the President of Blockchain@IU, a blockchain and cryptocurrency club at the University.

On that note, he will be on tomorrow’s recording of Maj’s Avoiding the Crowd podcast, the final version of which will be pushed out to you later in the week. Naturally, given Noah’s background, the conversation will largely revolve around bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We look forward to having him on the episode and hope you will enjoy it once it is released. It’s obviously a very timely discussion given the explosive and volatile performance of the cryptocurrency market the last couple of months, where BTC briefly touched $41,500 just this past week compared to lows of under $5000 in March 2020. Bitcoin’s previous peak was at around $19,000 in December 2017.

So, if you own bitcoin or are interested in listening to an expert’s view on the state of blockchain today, this will be the talk for you. If you are not yet a premium member, you can be one of the first to listen to Noah’s opinion on bitcoin, such as whether or not he thinks bitcoin is a legitimate asset class to invest in, or just hype . You can contact us at to learn more, get added to our email list, or give us questions that you would like us to ask Noah. Since the recording is being done at 5pm eastern, you have  a little bit of time to get the questions in.

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