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This page is dedicated to highlight of the more notable B-Scada Inc. (OOTC:SCDA) Executive Casts episodes.  It will be updated regularly to spotlight various timely series as we continue to conduct more interviews so that SCDA can connect with you, beyond the stock price.

About Ron DeSerranno

Mr. Ron DeSerranno is founder and CEO of B-Scada Inc. B-Scada develops SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and IoT (Internet of Things) systems for monitoring industrial and commercial processes, providing real time and historical data to decision makers. B-Scada systems are used worldwide in various vertical markets including petrochemical, electricity distribution, mining, manufacturing and building automation. Mr. DeSerranno has been designing and delivering world class software solutions for 20 years. He was the CTO for Motivus Software, development lead on Rockwell’s SCADA offering RSView32, assisted in research for the Space and Atmospheric Group, Physics Department, University of Western Ontario and worked in various other software engineering roles. Mr. DeSerranno was also a Microsoft Certified Trainer and co-authored a book on Microsoft’s WPF technology.

B-Scada at the IoT Solutions World Congress 2015 in Barcelona