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We want to thank all of you for joining us for our live virtual chat we hosted this past Friday. After several weeks of internal preparation following member feedback, we finally decided to have an open forum discussion with GeoInvesting premium members to talk about the relevant stocks in our universe of coverage. From our favorites to long shots, stocks in the model portfolios are touched upon, and member questions and comments were addressed.  We also took notes of suggestions on how to improve our premium service offering.  Some of these suggestions included:

  • Build on our newly released stock rankings, continue to think of ways to provide color on stocks in our model portfolios, in terms of conviction. 
  • Stick around to have discussions with members who attend our live management interviews after management has left the event.

We plan to hold these as regularly as we can as we feel this was a useful activity to embark upon as well as a long time coming. Sometimes, it’s just easier when you engage in a dialogue to flesh out some of the details of our many investments. The feedback we’ve already gotten on this is positive, so it’s a good start. 

If you were unable to attend the live virtual discussion, we’ve published the video on GEO with relevant chapters to make it easier for you to navigate the video.

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  1. Boyd


    Great video Maj, I would love something like this every week or two. I like the idea of quick pitches or news/earnings updates on many different tickers, as opposed to spending tons of time on an article for 1 ticker. I must admit that sometimes I just scan the articles. Thanks

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