GEO Investing

We published an American Heritage International (AHII) short-thesis article on Seeking Alpha yesterday, April 2, 2014.

The Fraud Research Institute (Twitter, Seeking Alpha) did some due diligence of its own and discovered that AHII’s corporate status with the Nevada Secretary of State is currently in Default.

Although the status of AHII shows that it is currently active, the business license technically expired on January 31, 2014 and is in default. And according to Nevada State licensing laws, there is NO grace Period;

“…per the Nevada Administrative Code 240A, a registrant who fails to renew his or her certificate is not authorized to engage in the business as a document preparation service after the expiration of the certificate. If a person is found to be conducting a document preparation service with an expired certificate, he or she is subject to penalties prescribed in NRS 240A.290.”

We will continue to monitor this story for more developments and welcome any additional input from those willing to expose the truth.