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As investors, when natural catastrophes like Hurricane Matthew strike, we are compelled to be opportunistic. Fortunately, the United States has the personnel and resources to rebuild damages from these devastating scenarios. We have a list of stocks whose business prospects can be impacted when natural disasters strike in the U.S.

Hurricane Matthew is about to slam into in Southern Florida today. Matthew, a Category 4 hurricane is the first major Hurricane to hit Florida in nearly a decade since Hurricane Wilma barreled through South Florida in 2005. That same year Hurricane Katrina landed in New Orleans. Combined, these two storms caused over $130 billion in property and infrastructure damage.  Hopefully, Matthew ends up not living up to the hype and property damage is limited.

Potential Opportunities from Hurricane Matthew

The talking heads on CNBC and other mainstream media outlets/sites will probably recommend stocks like Home Depot Inc. (NYSE:HD) and Lowe’s (NYSE:LOW). Thank you for this “master of the obvious” advice!  But there will be lesser known names, especially some in the micro-cap and small cap space, that the hurricane could financially impact, positively or negatively. We see  Six stocks potentially enjoying positive impacts, and four others could see some downside.  We are continuing to build these lists.

From a bullish  point of view, the key here is to determine what class each one of the stocks falls into. For the purposes of our message, companies that fall into Class 1 are those stocks that will be impacted only in the very near-term.  Those that fall into Class 2 could see multiple quarters and years of impact going forward.

This morning, we published our lists at our portal in hopes that our members might get inspired to “harness the power” of Hurricane Matthew and its impending fallout.

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