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We’ve got a couple things to relay this evening. First, if you missed Friday’s open forum discussion, you can view it here.

There were more than a dozen stocks and/or subjects touched upon. A couple of stocks included:

  • An opportunity about a story confounds Maj in that he is surprised that the stock has not gained more traction in light of recent information Arbitrage developments. He believes the market has yet to discover the meat of the company’s story. KTEL trades at prices near our original call to action that landed it in our Select Longs Model Portfolio.
  • A biotech stock hitting a 52-week high and up 100% since we added the stock to our Select Longs Model Portfolio  at a price of $6.61 on March 26, 2021, Bill Langbein, founder of SanaCurrents, gave his insights into the company’s potential. He is overall optimistic about the company’s prospects, especially being that stocks with much higher market capitalizations have shown much less data on very similar trials.

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Secondly, we still had yet to point you to a great interview Maj conducted with Egor Romanyuk, a full-time private investor, better known as @MVRK34 on Twitter. Egor is a GeoInvesting research contributor who is two for two in companies he has profiled on GeoInvesting:

Maj and Egor are developing a great friendship and it’s no surprise that they chat about MicroCaps extensively. We decided to press record on one of those conversations.

Included in the talk is Egor’s pitch on Yellow Corporation (NASDAQ:YELL), a company that provides a range of transportation services primarily in North America. Egor also promised to publish his next big idea on GeoInvesting soon.

Please see the episode here.


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