GEO Investing

Early last week on March 18, 2024, I spoke with Sebastian Krog (@SebKrog), microcap investing-focused Substack author of the column Treasure Hunting. He shared that at 26, he’s actually not a full-time investor, but owns and operates a marketing agency, which has been his primary focus for the past five years.

In his spare time, including weekends and evenings, he dedicates himself to researching and writing about stocks, particularly microcaps. His newsletter currently has over 1000 followers on Substack.

His journey into investing began at 16, initially inspired by the concept of investing in the stock market through ETFs, as advocated by a prominent figure in Germany. This led him to start with small, monthly investments in ETFs. As he explored investing further, he briefly ventured into large-cap stocks like Tesla, Facebook, and Amazon.