GEO Investing

In light of the volatile market conditions we are facing, we have been focusing on topics such as:

Recession Resistant Stocks.
Company Turnarounds.
Boring but Slow Growing Companies.
Microcaps with Big Cap Revenue.

For this Monthly GeoWire issue, as a followup to our short prelude on on Chapter 11 exits, we are once again focusing on successful Chapter 11 exits – companies that have weathered their own respective storms through debt and bankruptcy filings and have not only emerged successfully, but performed remarkably well since then, both in terms of performance and stock price. 

I am no stranger to investing in and studying Chapter 11 companies.  Before I launched  GeoInvesting in 2007, I invested in stocks after they emerged from Chapter 11.

My journey in this genre of special situations started with Storage Technology (STK) in 1990. As a matter of fact, this was my first foray into special situation investing.

A few years later, I bought shares of paging companies MetroCall and NII Holdings, two companies that were casualties of the dot com and related telecom bubble. They both ended up turning into multi baggers.

Before Monster Beverage Corporation (NASDAQ:MNST) was the energy drink we all know today, it went through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy under the name Hansen Natural Foods (HANS). I captured a tiny piece of its Multibagger history, as I discuss later.